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I am pleased to introduce Thomas Myers, oil painter! His work is currently on display on Serious Fun Art Studio’s gallery wall. Stop in to see his lovely work up close… framed originals, artist reproductions, and giclée prints available, until this snowbird flies back to his northern home. Here’s a little Q & A with Tom ~

How do you describe your style of artwork?1600627_orig

My work is Contemporary Impressionism. When I have been most moved and impressed by artwork, music or any expressive art form, it has been when the work has first grabbed my soul with its poetry and then amazed my mind with its structure and construction.

Have oils always been your medium of choice?

Oils have always been my choice because when my wife and I travel we have been to numerous museums and 99% of the work is Oil Painting. I usually take 1 or 2 classes when here in Florida. I also teach one or two classes as well.

What artists or illustrators do you admire and why?

I mostly admire the Impressionists and Joaquin Sorolla, and Russian Impressionists like Yuri Krotov. I like this style of painting feeling rather than a Photo Realist or a Photo. To me a painting should show the artist’s personality, and the way a painter does this is with brush strokes.


What colors are you drawn to?

My wife has told me that I have orange in most of my paintings. She is right… I try to capture the light of the subject and usually there is orange of some value there.

When you’re not painting, what do you most like to do to enjoy life?

When not painting, I like to play handball, golf and spend time with my family. I have 2 children: Kelly and Patrick, and now they each have 2 children: 2 boys and 2 girls. I love them all.


What are you proud of in your artistic path to this point? What artistic accomplishments do you yet reach for?

I most like the painting experience. I have sold a lot of my paintings and have received several awards for them. When I start a new painting I have a vision of what Rembrandt said it should look like: “ at 12 inches it should look like a tapestry and at 12 feet you should see the composition, if you don’t keep painting”. When I go to a museum I am most impressed by those paintings that grab my heart.

Where is your work represented?

Galleries with my work in the Flint, Michigan area include The Flint Institute of Art and The Swartz Creek Art Gallery. In Florida, my work can be seen at Zephyrhills City Hall, and at Serious Fun Art Studio (Temple Terrace).

I will be in an Art show in Zephyrhills in March on the 11th and 12th from 10am-6pm. I was just in a show in Dade City called Moonlight and Ivory on Feb 6th and 7th.

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