Encaustic Quick Start KIT


This kit contains everything you need to get started with Encaustic Wax Art. It has been curated to include just what you need to equip your studio space, no matter what size area you have to work with.

I’ve put together a “few of my favorite things” and the items in this kit are actually what you will find in my encaustic studio space!


Kit includes:
• Variable Temp Stainless Steel Heated Palette 23″ x 11″
• Surface Thermometer
• Variable Speed Heat Gun
• 1 lb bagged Encaustic Medium
• Metal container for Medium
• 2 Natural Bristle Brushes (small + med)
• Ampersand Encausticboard 8 x 8
• Cradled Wood Panel 8 x 8

Plus~ Washi tape and patterned paper to get started right away with the project in my free ebook “Encaustic Quick Start” available here.

Retail List price is $173 with shipping,

bundled kit available here for $149.

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get the Encaustic Quick Start guide!


FREE 12-page project ebook to start your encaustic art journey... without the overwhelm.

"I've used these shortcuts to get students making wax art fast in my live encaustic workshops! Great jump start so you can fast-track your learning curve and move to more complex experimentation."

~Ginger, artist & instructor,

Serious Fun Art Studio

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