excited to announce Jann Gray’s Illuminated Journaling Workshop!!!

Have you seen all of the beautiful pages of Bible Journaling posted on Instagram and Pinterest and wanted to try it for yourself?
Come meet author and teacher, Jann Gray, on March 21-22 and be a part of the Illuminated Journaling Workshop, hosted by Serious Fun Art Studio! Jann will be teaching us how to incorporate creative journaling into personal Bible Study, devotional or quiet time. She will be leading 2 sessions – with each session including creative techniques, Bible Study, time for reflection and practical instruction that will equip you to begin your own Illuminated Journaling journey.
Jann has assured me that everyone can participate, regardless of skill level – all that she asks is that you bring your heart for God and a little bit of trust that she can help you with the rest!  Space is limited – so please register as quickly as possible…


Here’s a Q & A with author & instructor Jann Gray. Enjoy the sneak peek!
Ginger: What is Illuminated Journaling?
Jann: Every Bible I have ever owned has ended up being the repository of all sorts of evidence that I have met with God on the pages of His Word. If you were to do a quick flip through one of my Bibles, you would find that sermon notes, prayers, word studies and cross references have been scribbled in the margins and that words—and even whole paragraphs—have been underlined, circled and color coded. These marks on the pages of my Bibles were not put there to distract from the Word of God, but rather to remind me of the personal insights and instructions God has shared with me as I studied and meditated on His Word. I have begun adding a whole different type of “mark” into my newest Bible. It now also contains illustrations—a creative expression that I call Illuminated Journaling.
Illuminated Journaling is a way to incorporate a creative response into an individual’s personal Bible Study, devotion or quiet time. It isn’t about the art – it is about the heART.

Greater Love Hath No Man

Ginger: So is Illuminated Journaling just for “creative” or “artsy” people?
Jann: Absolutely NOT! I can teach anyone a few creative techniques, and that is all they need to begin expressing what they have learned when they have met with God on the pages of their Bible.
When I began journaling in my Bible, I hadn’t drawn anything more than stick figures for more than 20 years! I thought that because I couldn’t draw that I shouldn’t attempt to draw or paint in my Bible. But I was wrong! We are all creative in our own way. We are created in the image of God – and He is the creator of everything! I started out just by focusing on lettering parts of the scriptures in the margins. And when I got braver – I traced a few images. And then I became BOLD…because I realized I was worrying more about my lack of skill than about finding a way to best express what I had learned – and God wasn’t ever going to care more about how pretty my pictures were than what change had happened in my heart. It was a light bulb moment!
One of the things that I try to teach in my book and in my workshops is that Illuminated Journaling is a way we can respond to God with an offering of our gifts –regardless of our skill level – and we can be confident that He will receive it as a sacrifice of praise.
Ginger: How did it all start and what is the role that you see Illuminated Journaling playing in the relationship of a Christ Follower and God?
Jann: In the fast paced world that we find ourselves living and working in, it is not surprising that it has become increasingly difficult to shut out the noise and focus all of our heart and mind on the things of eternal value. I have been amazed by what God has birthed in the midst of these challenging environments: social media groups of believers who have come together to share, encourage and inspire each other to go deeper. As these groups have experienced explosive growth, they have helped many within their influence become more intentional in offering their talents back to God—and most importantly, in tarrying in the Word. These groups are informally known as Bible Journaling communities
The common message we are hearing from the active participants in these communities is that they are more focused on the scriptures and more receptive to the prompting of the Holy Spirit when they have added Illuminated Journaling into their devotional/quiet time disciplines.

I Need Christ

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Ginger: It does seem like Bible Journaling is showing up on all forms of social media –Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube –is that a good thing?
Jann: I do think that social media has played a huge role in how quickly people have discovered Bible Journaling for themselves. That is the nature of social media. People see the impact it is having on an acquaintance’s life and they want to try and see if it will change their life too! I think that is terrific. But, I also want to see Bible Journaling communities formed in the real world too! There is just something very special that happens when a group of people meets together to study God’s Word and then respond to it. The depth of those relationships can also be very important in the fast paced world that we find ourselves living and working in – so I am an advocate for both.
I think that is why I am so excited about coming to Serious Fun Art Studio in March. I can help the community get started. I can teach a few creative techniques that everyone can use as a foundation for their own journaling. I can help connect people who are already involved in Illuminated Journaling (and there are literally hundreds of thousands around the United States and internationally, too) with folks that are just starting out. It is my hope that this will become a seed group that will grow long after I am gone.
Ginger: Who do you hope comes to the Illuminated Journaling Workshop?
Jann: Honestly, I hope everyone that is at all intrigued with the idea will come and check it out because I know how it has deepened my relationship with the Lord and I want that for them as well. But most of all – I want to encourage the person who thinks, “I think that is kind of cool –but I could never do that!” to come let me show them that they can! Seriously, I can take a wobbly stick figure drawing person and teach them to create less wobbly and slightly two dimensional images the first session…then we can move on to the tricky stuff! I’m teasing – but I really can show them what I did to teach myself to use skills I learned in kindergarten and a couple of tricks I picked up from artists on YouTube to begin creating images like you are sharing here in your newsletter.
… And on top of that – we will have a lot of fun!!   ~Jann Gray
JGray Art Shot© 2015 Illuminated Journaling/Jann Gray used with permission. 

Thomas Myers :: artist interview

Tom Myers Serious Fun Art Studio


I am pleased to introduce Thomas Myers, oil painter! His work is currently on display on Serious Fun Art Studio’s gallery wall. Stop in to see his lovely work up close… framed originals, artist reproductions, and giclée prints available, until this snowbird flies back to his northern home. Here’s a little Q & A with Tom ~

How do you describe your style of artwork?1600627_orig

My work is Contemporary Impressionism. When I have been most moved and impressed by artwork, music or any expressive art form, it has been when the work has first grabbed my soul with its poetry and then amazed my mind with its structure and construction.

Have oils always been your medium of choice?

Oils have always been my choice because when my wife and I travel we have been to numerous museums and 99% of the work is Oil Painting. I usually take 1 or 2 classes when here in Florida. I also teach one or two classes as well.

What artists or illustrators do you admire and why?

I mostly admire the Impressionists and Joaquin Sorolla, and Russian Impressionists like Yuri Krotov. I like this style of painting feeling rather than a Photo Realist or a Photo. To me a painting should show the artist’s personality, and the way a painter does this is with brush strokes.


What colors are you drawn to?

My wife has told me that I have orange in most of my paintings. She is right… I try to capture the light of the subject and usually there is orange of some value there.

When you’re not painting, what do you most like to do to enjoy life?

When not painting, I like to play handball, golf and spend time with my family. I have 2 children: Kelly and Patrick, and now they each have 2 children: 2 boys and 2 girls. I love them all.


What are you proud of in your artistic path to this point? What artistic accomplishments do you yet reach for?

I most like the painting experience. I have sold a lot of my paintings and have received several awards for them. When I start a new painting I have a vision of what Rembrandt said it should look like: “ at 12 inches it should look like a tapestry and at 12 feet you should see the composition, if you don’t keep painting”. When I go to a museum I am most impressed by those paintings that grab my heart.

Where is your work represented?

Galleries with my work in the Flint, Michigan area include The Flint Institute of Art and The Swartz Creek Art Gallery. In Florida, my work can be seen at Zephyrhills City Hall, and at Serious Fun Art Studio (Temple Terrace).

I will be in an Art show in Zephyrhills in March on the 11th and 12th from 10am-6pm. I was just in a show in Dade City called Moonlight and Ivory on Feb 6th and 7th.

Find Tom online at www.thomaslmyers.com 

Susan Windsor :: artist interview

Susan Windsor painting Serious Fun Art Studio has been enjoying the artwork of Susan Windsor on our gallery wall space since the grand opening of our current location in March. We are privileged to have several of her original framed watercolors, and many giclee prints. The show will continue to run through June.

Susan Winsdor is a gifted, lovely artist with a beautiful heart for her family and an appreciation for God’s nature that is obvious in her work. Here is a bit more about her, behind the scenes so to speak. Personally, I find getting to know an artist deeper than just seeing their work makes their art more dimensional to me. I hope you do too ~

Susan Windsor alphabet cards

Q: How do you describe your style of artwork?

A: Free-flowing with a tiny bit of detail. When painting animals particularly, I love focusing the detail in the eyes to draw the attention there. Then with fur (or feathers), I like to keep that less specific.

Q: Has watercolor always been your medium of choice?

A: Yes, pretty much. It was the first medium after pencil that I tried in high school. I then dabbled in oil paint (which took way too long to dry for my taste). I use acrylic every so often if I want to cover a large canvas. I spent some time working with pastels, too. I love each of those, but I always come back to my first love of watercolor.

Susan Windsor ranunculus

Q: What paper, paints, brushes do you use?

A: I use mostly Arches cold press, 140 lb. Paper. For paints, I’ve often used soft Holbein and Winsor & Newton. But more recently I’ve been loving my Yarka St. Petersburg and Lukas 1862 paints which are solid, pan watercolors. I’ve found a real richness and depth that I love in those.

Q: What artists / illustrators do you admire and why?

A: I love Edward Hopper’s work. You usually see one person who looks lost in their thoughts sitting in a lovely place. His work has such a relaxed, contemplative feel about it.

Susan Windsor fawn

Q: Do you have a favorite color?

A: Oh, it depends on the day or even the moment. Usually anything with blue, turquoise, or green. I think that’s one reason I love painting the ocean.

Q: When you’re not painting, what do you most like to do to enjoy life?

A: Any time I can spend with my dear husband and our rambunctious kids is time well spent. I love going to the zoo with them, although sometimes I find myself taking more pictures of the animals than of my kiddos!

Susan Windsor studio

Q: What are you proud of in your artistic path to this point?

A: I’m probably most proud that I started selling online five years ago. I always loved to paint for my enjoyment, but I love that I can now share my work with others so easily. And it’s such an honor to know that people around the world take space in their homes to hang my work! (PS, we just shipped one to Australia, so stop by Serious Fun Art Studio to get any of her artwork you’ve had your eye on!)


Susan Windsor Fine Art can also be found:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/susanwindsorartwork
Twitter: Susan_Windsor
Instagram: http://instagram.com/susanwindsor
Susan Windsor
Susan Windsor, artist interview 2015


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