Artists’ Interviews



Details such as this great burlap coffee sack really display Amanda’s talent and style

A great big WELCOME to Amanda and her lovely Reloved Home Designs pieces now available at Serious Fun Art Studio!  Stop by to see these beauties in person. She is a meticulous artist with great attention to detail which shows in her finishes results.

Ginger: How do you describe your style of furniture makeovers? Who or what inspires you?
Amanda:  I love layers and depth in my paint. I’m not sure I have a particular style, as I love experimenting and testing myself.  There are several blogs I follow and glean inspiration from:  Lesley Stocker, Furniture Flipping, Sweet Pickins, and a few more. I think Leslie has the biggest influence on my style. I also find inspiration in everyday things. The colors in nature… I feel the challenge to try to duplicate.

G: What is your most creative project to date?

Amanda: I think my most creative project is a 1920’s accent chair that still resides in my house.  My daughter was the inspiration behind the piece and it is currently in her room.  She is an aspiring published author so that was the first fabric I chose was a script pattern.  It was my first big upholstery project.  I love fabric but I don’t love to sew.  So, I thought I should try to do upholstery.  

G: What has been your biggest mistake i.e. learning experience with DIY projects?  

Amanda: I think this is a strange thing about mistakes.  When they happen, and they always do, I keep my mind open on making that mistake work for me.  One of my first times I had bleed through,  I made it part of the design of the chairs. 

G: Has furniture and painting always been your art medium of choice?

Amanda:  Furniture was not my first form of creating, but I’ve always worked on furniture.  What I’ve learned about furniture, is that it can constantly change.  I get bored quickly doing the same thing over and over.  With furniture there’s always a new challenge.

G: what artists or styles do you admire and why?  

Amanda:  Facebook and blogs make it easy to follow people I admire.  I love boho style, french country, flea market finds, rusty and well-used things. I love handmade.  My style is a mixture of new and old things.  My home is filled with things that were owned by my grandparents and other family members.  I restyled them to fit in with my style.  It’s comforting to have familiar things to surround me.



G: What colors are you drawn to and which do you personally avoid?

Amanda: I’m more drawn to soft, muted colors.  I love dark wood tones.  I don’t usually work with primary or bold colors.  I also don’t usually paint things a solid color.

G: What is your thought process when you approach a new painting project? Do you immediately know what you want the piece to look like when it’s finished or is it a building process of one decision executed visually then another?

Amanda:  Every piece is different.  Sometimes I’m looking for a certain piece and I know exactly what I need.  Other times, I find something that is incredible and it evolves as I’m working on it.  I always keep my mind open about the end result.  The piece always helps me figure out what it’s supposed to be.

G: When you’re not painting, what do you most like to do to enjoy life?  

Amanda: I am married with 4 children.  My children are 16, 15, 11 and 5.  If I’m not doing my own passion, I love watching them do theirs.  My oldest loves basketball and track and field.  My 15 year old is a writer.  My 11 year old loves baseball.  And Billy, well, he’s entertaining all on is own.  My life revolves around my children.  This is really how my furniture passion started.  I needed something for me… something that had nothing to do with anyone but me.

G:  Tell us a bit about your creative journey… What are you proud of in your artistic path to this point? what artistic accomplishments do you yet reach for?

Amanda: I never thought I was an artist.  I never did well in my art classes in school.  But I’ve always been crafty.  I remember I needed shoes for prom but I didn’t want to spend the money to just go buy a pair of shoes that I’d need for a few hours.  I had a pair of black shoes but I wanted them fancier than what they were.  I sewed on pearl beads to dress them up.  I always want things that no one else has.  Restyling my old shoes, I knew no one else would have them.  I always know what I want and when I can’t find it, I’ll make it.

I’m self taught on everything I do.  When I have a problem, I figure out how to solve it.  So, I guess that is what I’m most proud of.  I want to learn how to build furniture and I want to learn how to weld.  I always want to learn new things.

G: Where is your work represented? Where can fans find you online?  

Amanda: I can’t even tell you how excited I am to see my pieces in a store again! Thank you, Ginger, for inviting me to be a part of your store. If you’re local to Tampa, please go check out my recent furniture makeovers on display and available at Serious Fun Art Studio on Tampa’s east side. Online, I use facebook a lot for my business:   I also just opened an Etsy store for my furniture and home decor pieces. 


Thank you, Amanda, for sharing thoughts about your creative process and background.

We can’t wait to see more of your lovely work!  Ginger @ Serious Fun Art Studio: 6710 E. Fowler Ave. Temple Terrace, FL.