Serious Fun Art Studio is becoming Ginger Myers Art. BIG Clearance Sale!!!

is in the middle of a transition…

It is becoming

Ginger Myers Art

…and I’m having a
Super… BIG… SALE!


My business is taking a serious pivot, and you deserve an explanation!

In actuality, my art studio has been in a constant state of transition since it began
…but isn’t that what our lives are?

Without which we would be really aimless, boring humans.

Some of you may remember the beginnings of my art studio in 2011 in my home studio in Temple Terrace. With my graphic design and fine art major as a backdrop, I taught pencil drawing to a few students at a time and slowly grew my recognition and my desire to reach more. I found Barbara at Silver Linings as her business was launching, and I joined forces there, to have an expanded space and presence. I offered Watercolor classes and Paint Night workshops, adding in Wire Art Sculpture, Encaustic Wax Art, and then furniture painting.

So much variety and so much fun!!!

My fine art pieces and detailed furniture were my inroads as a supplying artist to RareHues Modern Vintage Market as they opened in Tampa. For almost 3 years there I got to teach people how to paint furniture, sell countless custom items (art + furniture), and present my Encaustic Wax Art in The Gallery at RareHues.

In early 2015, I found my own studio space in Temple Terrace. There I have had the privilege of teaching numerous paint parties & art workshops of all kinds, and hosting several guest instructors who brought interesting techniques to you!  Serious Fun Art Studio became a gift / art supplies / furniture & decor storefront. I brought in all sorts of products requested for our art classes and cute & clever items as an enhancement to the studio. For 2 1/2 years at this location, I’ve been blessed to have supplied so many of you with “just the right thing” for a gift or your home or art stash.

And now,
It’s time to make a change. 

My life and available hours have changed…

Yes, the obvious baby Brooke has amended my schedule, so that adorable and totally-worth-it bundle of joy + other life adjustments have really made clear what I need to do now:

Focus on creating my personal art.
And that. takes. time.
Time I need to carve out by not running a shop right now. So, I’m closing Serious Fun Art Studiostorefront and transitioning to Ginger Myers Art. (More details on that in future emails.)

I’m excited to be in this pivot, and thankful for the support I’ve received as I have started to share my new direction!

There will still be a few workshops at my Studio in Temple Terrace, but many of my art classes & workshops are now at The Hen House in Carrollwood. There’s a wonderful creative vibe these ladies have cultivated in their space, which also features unique clothing, jewelry, gifts, home decor, candles, artisan crafted goods, full service floral boutique, and small-venue space rental. I’m so excited to be a part of their creative offerings! The Hen House website has my current lineup of classes as well as their other talented instructors, and you can register online or in person at 11730 North Dale Mabry Tampa, FL 33618.


So, all that to give the backdrop of WHY
I’m moving everything out of Serious Fun Art Studio,
and you can take advantage of my

super-big sale!

(50% off Everything)

 Tell all your friends !!! Great deals to be had on great stuff!!!

furniture (painted & project pieces)
milk paint & APC retired colors
workshop remnants
seasonal decor
vintage frames
fine art prints
gift items
wall art
art supplies
wire flowers

Thurs, Fri, & Sat from 11-3:00

Serious Fun Art Studio
6710 E. Fowler Ave.
Temple Terrace, FL
Many thanks to all of you who have spent creative time with me at Serious Fun Art Studio, and I plan to move forward with the best of what that format was able to offer everyone.

If you’ve wanted to have private Art Sessions or host an Art Party (painting, wire art, etc), I am currently scheduling at this location through 2017. 

Contact me to discuss ~ ginger@seriousfunartstudio or  813-486-1747.

Artist Interview :: Jennifer Watson


Let’s hear from Jennifer Watson, instructor for our

NEW Colored Pencil Workshop on October 29…



Ginger:  How do you describe your style of artwork?

Jennifer: I love realism, and often try for borderline photorealism. My goal is the double take: I want my pieces to look like artwork, but I love it when people have to take another look to make sure they aren’t looking at a photo.

G:   Have colored pencils always been your medium of choice?

J:  Colored pencils are a recent love of mine! I’ve always loved working with graphite pencils, but I didn’t pick up colored pencils until April 2015. I’ve owned a large set of Prismacolors for several years, but it had just been sitting with my art supplies. I did a search for “colored pencil technique” on YouTube and got started.


G:   What favorite art supplies do you use?

J:  My favorite colored pencils are Faber Castell’s Polychromos pencils–they layer nicely, blend smoothly, are light fast, and have a great concentration of pigment in the color core. As an oil-based pencil, they’re a harder pencil and can hold a sharp point longer than a wax-based pencil; oil-based pencils are also more translucent than wax-based pencils, and it’s easy to “glaze” a color on top of others, similar to how one might work in oils or acrylics. My paper of choice for colored pencil work is Fabriano Artistico extra white hot press 140lb watercolor paper–the watercolor paper is very sturdy and stands up to all the techniques I use; the hot press finish is smooth enough for detail but also has enough tooth to take plenty of layers.

Other favorite supplies:

  • Caran d’Ache Luminance colored pencils (wax-based, light fast, AMAZING) – building my set, I love these pencils!
  • Derwent Drawing Chinese White (one of the best white pencils out there)
  • Staedtler Mars Lumograph (graphite pencils)
  • Staedtler pencil sharpeners (the double tip barrel sharpener is great, and the simple, bare, manual sharpeners that come in a 4-pack are surprisingly good.
  • Liquitex Basics (acrylic paint – for a “student grade” product, these are fantastic)
  • Fredrix blue label canvases (great brand for canvases, and the blue label are smooth and great for fine detail)


G:    What artists or illustrators do you admire and why?

J:  I have always loved M.C. Escher – his imagination, his attention to detail, and his ability to make the viewer question reality always intrigued me. I even named a piece of mine “Three Worlds II” in a nod to my favorite piece of his, “Three Worlds.” I like to joke with people that I’m anxiously awaiting the year 2042, which is when his works will enter the public domain and can be incorporated into my work.

Two of my favorite current artists are Lisa Clough (Lachri Fine Art) and John Middick (Sharpened Artist). Both of them are very talented and skilled, and both of them work so hard to help other artists improve—Lisa’s YouTube channel has become something of an empire, John has begun an online colored pencil academy, and the two co-host a weekly colored pencil podcast. I’m blessed to know both of them personally and to count them among my art mentors.

G:   What colors are you drawn to?

J:  All of them? ☺ I love drawing from wildlife and nature best, though–I’ve replaced my green, blue and brown colored pencils most often.


G:   When you’re not drawing, what do you most like to do to enjoy life?

J:  I sing ALL the time–even while I’m drawing. I record with 3 different choruses (Florida College Alumni Chorus, Sumphonia, and the upcoming Concordia Sacrae), and I’ve recently begun taking voice lessons, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I also enjoy reading (usually audiobooks during art time!), walking, kayaking, inline skating, and visiting Walt Disney World.

G:  (a) What are you proud of in your artistic path to this point? (b) What artistic accomplishments do you yet reach for?

J:  a) In a broader sense, I’m finally embracing the talent with which God has blessed me and developing it to a level I hadn’t previously thought possible, and I have a confidence in myself that I’ve never known before. For years, I told myself (and believed) the lie, “I’ll never be as good as that” (whatever “that” was at the time). I settled for what I already had and didn’t try for more. I greatly prefer what I have now!

—As far as specific achievements go, I’m blessed to have received recognition in more than half of the contests/shows I’ve entered, including Best of Show at the 2016 Florida Strawberry Festival with a graphite piece, “Ceduna.” (Fun fact: that was my first show!) I was also very happy to be asked to submit a tutorial of “Ivan” for the October 2016 issue of Colored Pencil Magazine.

b) My goal is to turn art into my career and a full-time job: I’m testing the waters on YouTube and Patreon, I have a couple of workshops scheduled, I’ve begun giving private lessons, I’ve been asked to complete a few commissions, and I hope to sell more of my original works and prints. I’d love to create fine art for Disney someday!

G:    Where is your work represented? Where can fans find you online? Where can I find you in person at shows?

J:  I regularly enter pieces into the shows down at the Old Hyde Park Art Center with Tampa Regional Artists. I don’t have an official website yet, but will redirect to my Fine Art America page, which functions as an online gallery for me. You can also follow me on Facebook–my art-related posts are always public.

register soon for Acrylic Textures: Autumn Leaves

2eaaf44d-5a81-45d8-8197-8287abf8eae9This is the first in our THREE 3-part Acrylic Textures classes

3-part beginner/intermediate painting class

This unnamed artist’s painting has received so much attention in the studio, that I’ve built a class around it! Join us on this acrylic mediums journey exploring various textures, color mixing & blending, and mix-in mediums to achieve lovely results! Large canvas & supply list purchased separately at $156 bundle through the studio or you may acquire elsewhere. You can paint this!!!

Mondays: Sept. 12, 19, & 26.  7-9 pm  $110


SUPPLY LIST: These items will be used during the
Acrylic Textures: Autumn Leaves 3-session class.

They will be yours to keep. Please purchase by August 30 to allow time for delivery of supply set. (You may instead purchase them elsewhere if desired.)


Canvas: (from
Michaels) Gallery Wrapped Heavy Duty Canvas 20″ x 20″
1.5″ (3.8 cm) depth
100% cotton duck
Archival and acid free
Professional level 3

Liquitex Heavy Body Acrylic Paint Set Complete Classic (set of 8 paint tubes, plus extras)

Golden Gel Intro (Sampler) Set of 6

1″ filbert, natural bristle brush
1/2″ square nylon brush
#9 round nylon brush
3 palette knife set by Viva Decor